Brighten up winter with colourful gems

With winter approaching and the colourful autumn leaves blowing away, the winter months can feel a little lacklustre.
However, the gemstones representing the month of November are some of the most colourful yet affordable jewels on the market.
The birthstones for November are citrine and topaz. While citrine is a rich, orangey yellow colour reminiscent of sunny summer days, did you know that topaz can come in a wide array of different colours?
Topaz is most commonly blue and pink, from the palest ‘ballet’ shoe peachy pinks through to vibrant fuschia pink, yellow, pale blue and the desirable teal-coloured London blue topaz.
While not one of the four precious stones – diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire – it is growing in popularity as its colour can replicate some of these more expensive stones with the benefit of being more affordable in a much larger size.
“These days clients are looking for statement pieces that are robust enough for day-to-day use without breaking the bank,” explained Amy Brenan, jewellery valuer and owner at Heirlooms in Wareham.
“We have a wonderful selection of large blue topaz pieces in the shop set in silver and gold and priced between £100 and £500 – perfect for a special Christmas gift.”
And if you do not want to brave the cold and blustery winter weather, you can always shop for the perfect piece of jewellery by phone or online.
“We have a huge amount of jewellery on our website for sale, but we are only at the end of the telephone if you need some help finding the perfect winter jewel,” Amy added.

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