Pick the right tree to light up your Xmas

With the festive season just around the corner it is almost time to choose your Christmas tree and begin decorating it.
Having a decorated tree in your house to celebrate Christmas is a long-standing tradition and there are many options to pick from.

Pot grown
Pot-grown Christmas trees are one of the most sustainable Christmas decorations and can be enjoyed year after year.
A pot-grown Christmas tree is one that has been planted in a pot as a seedling, which means the rootball remains intact and has very little disturbance.
Once the festive season has ended your pot-grown tree will make the perfect addition to any balcony, patio or garden all year round.
Pot-grown trees can be planted on into a larger pot or be planted in the garden.

Cut trees
Cut Christmas trees have been grown in the ground and then cut off at their root system at ground level.
They are cheaper alternative and a better choice if you are unable to store or plant a pot-grown tree.
There are many varieties of cut tree to choose from, but the two most common varieties are Nordmann fir and Norway spruce.
The Nordmann Fir is the most popular variety of Christmas tree in the UK. It has a traditional full shape with glossy, thick needles. It is often called the ‘non-drop tree’ which like all cut trees cannot be 100 per cent true, although its needle retention is much better compared to other varieties.
The Nordmann Fir is also much more resilient to heat than other varieties, which allows you to have a warm and cosy home without the worry of your tree dropping its needles as often. Its soft foliage makes it a joy to decorate, and it is a great choice if you have children or pets.
The Norway spruce is considered by many to be the traditional Christmas tree. It is a bushy, symmetrical tree with sharp needles, known for its lovely fragrance and its strong branches making it the ideal tree to decorate, but it requires regular watering to keep its needle drop to a minimum.

Rudge’s Garden Centre has a wide range of Christmas trees available – both cut and pot grown – as well as many other Christmas decorations.

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