Travel through the wardrobe to Narnia

IN a modest terraced house in a modest street in Rodwell lies an unknown world!

Walk through the door and find yourself in a labyrinth which takes you on a journey through all the emotions of life in the art of Janet Hall.

“In my work as a lay minister, I have marvelled at how people come through so many experiences and at their resilience in rising again from brokenness.

“Our circumstances are different, yet the same emotions affect us all.

“This theme of the ups and downs of life came to me as I was walking a labyrinth recently, for such a walk is never straightforward.

“All seems to be going well for a while until an obstacle forces us to go back on our tracks, sometimes for quite a while.

“Eventually we get back to a path which moves us in the right direction, and then another blockage.

“A bit like life really!

“As you walk from room to room you will experience all life’s joys and sadness, as an immersive installation, walking the labyrinth through my own home.”

Janet has always been interested in art but never had the time to engage in it seriously until retirement in the early 2000s.

She began nervously attending a course in her own village and was amazed at the passion which suddenly overwhelmed her.

Since then, she has done many courses, the most recent being with the Studio Art School in Upwey, and experimented with many styles and media at her studio in Weymouth.

Her work has been in exhibitions and in past years she has been part of both Purbeck Art Weeks and Weymouth’s Open for Arts events.

The forthcoming exhibition runs from Saturday, May 27 to Sunday, June 4, 2-7pm, at 11 Kempston Road, Weymouth DT4 8XB.

For more information contact Janet on or 01305 839737

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