Drive-to-survive motorists ‘worst hit’

High fuel prices are pushing UK drivers to their limit, as 76 per cent admit they are not able to continue working without a car.
This is according to new research released by used car buying service The statistics are part of a larger study into how the spiralling cost of living, coupled with high fuel prices, is impacting the British public.

Worryingly, the data suggests despite the crippling costs faced by UK drivers, many must continue to drive or face losing their jobs.’s study shows that the 18-34 year old age group are the most adversely affected, with a massive 84 per cent stating that they need their car to work.
The 35-55 year old age group was only slightly behind at 75 per cent, and even among the over 55s some 65 per cent were reliant upon a car for work.
The research is particularly worrying since so many other bills have also been pushed higher – the fear is many UK drivers will be forced to go without food or heating in order to afford their car.
The study also revealed some interesting geographic variations:
Glasgow is the city with the most people reliant on their cars for work, with 90 per cent stating they need to run their car for work;
Sheffield was just behind, with 89 per cent, with Birmingham ranked third on 86% and Brighton, Edinburgh and Newcastle all with more than 80 per cent of respondents needing their car.

The least car-reliant city was Nottingham, with 59 per cent needing their vehicle.
Founder of Nick Zapolski said the research suggested many people faced difficult decisions ahead.
He added: “Our study proves that many people in the UK do need to drive to survive.
“They don’t have the luxury of deciding to leave their car off the road, so they’re forced to pay still too high fuel prices on top of everything else that’s going up in price.
“There are very concerning times ahead, and the working people of Britain will be the most affected.”

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