Breakthrough cervical cancer treatment welcomed by Dorset charity

A DORSET charity has hailed a breakthrough treatment for cervical cancer, revealed at a major medical conference.

The treatment was unveiled at the recent ESMO medical conference and has been welcomed by the Dorset Cancer Care Foundation (DCCF).

The study, funded by Cancer Research UK, researched a new treatment which studies found “significantly improves … overall survival in locally advanced cervical cancer”.

Di Bird, a trustee of the DCCF, said: “It’s wonderful, anything that helps cancer sufferers is welcome.

“I’m so happy for these people, everybody’s cancer journey is different.”

The DCCF supports people in Dorset who are suffering financially as part of their cancer diagnosis, by depositing money directly into their bank accounts.

“They can apply for a grant if they’re having difficulty, and it’ll see them through until they get support from the government,” Di said.

The new treatment for cervical cancer is particularly notable for its reduction in cost and length of treatment, the conference was told, two of the most-pressing issues for people in Dorset.

DCCF trustee, Di Bird (centre) at the charity's Black Tie Dinner 2022.

DCCF trustee, Di Bird (centre) at the charity’s Black Tie Dinner 2022.

“Covid-19 impacted treatment times and waiting times,” Di went on.

“It also meant we couldn’t operate properly, all our fundraising events were social gatherings.”

The pandemic has left a backlog of patients in the NHS, preventing those with cancer getting the treatment they need.

Added to this, was the cost of living crisis, which left many facing financial struggles through their illness.

“We used to get more requests for transport, now it’s much more general domestic costs,” Di explained.

“You can see it if you go into the shops. Instead of £2, a tub of Lurpak costs £5.

“If you can’t work, you can’t pay your bills. That’s where we help. Everyone is a volunteer, many of those we help often come back to support us.

“A florist who received help from us in the past donated all the flowers for the table decorations at our black tie event.”

The event was one of the DCCF’s many fundraising galas and, with nearly 300 people in attendance and the support of sponsors, raised more than £50,000 for county cancer patients.

“That’s the great thing about the foundation, it’s for the people of Dorset, funded by the people of Dorset,” added Di, who pledges to raise £500 as an individual for the charity each year.

“For all the big events, we get sponsors to cover the costs so the profit goes straight to the charity.

“All of the trustees – no one takes a penny, not even expenses, it’s all very transparent.

“Individuals or businesses can become sponsors; we have bronze, silver and gold tiers.”

Jeff Mostyn, former AFCB Chairman and DCCF patron with co-founder Eve Went (right centre) and charity supporters.

Jeff Mostyn, former AFCB Chairman and DCCF patron with co-founder Eve Went (right centre) and charity supporters.

The DCCF also offers creative fundraising suggestions, such as the Dine In Host Pack, which helps charitable chefs host a dinner party; providing menu suggestions and instructions on how to organise a raffle.

Guests are charged an entry fee, and for raffle tickets, all of which goes to the DCCF.

And on November 29, the DCCF is hosting the Christmas Bazaar at Hotel Collingwood. Entry is £5, which includes coffee and cake.

For more on the charity, to make a donation, or to apply for support, log on to


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