Dorset seats could turn Lib Dem or Labour at the next general election: New poll

WEST Dorset, Yeovil and Glastonbury and Somerton could all be held by the Lib Dems after the next general election – if a new poll becomes reality.

The YouGov survey, commissioned by Conservative Britain Alliance and published in The Telegraph, predicts a large majority for Labour, were the election held today.

The poll, of more than 14,000 people between December 12 and January 4, showed Labour would secure a 120-seat majority – with 385 MPs – with the Conservatives winning just 169, a drop of 196 compared to 2019.

Among the Conservative strongholds the model suggests would fall are West Dorset, currently held by Conservative Chris Loder; Yeovil, currently held by Conservative Marcus Fysh; and Mid Dorset and North Poole, currently held by Conservative immigration minister, Michael Tomlinson.

Elsewhere, the likes of Chancellor Jeremy Hunt (Con, Godalming and Ash), Leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordaunt (Con, Portsmouth North) and Veterans Minister Johnny Mercer (Con, Plymouth Moor View) could also be set to lose their seats, as would deputy chair of the Tory party, Lee Anderson (Con, Ashfield), and Welsh Secretary David TC Davies (Con, Monmouthshire).

If the poll was to become reality, it would mean the Lib Dems overturning majorities of more than 14,000 in both West Dorset and Mid Dorset and Poole, and more than 16,000 in Yeovil.

How the YouGove poll result would translate, in seats, compared to 2019. Picture: YouGov

How the YouGov poll result would translate, in seats, compared to 2019. Picture: YouGov

What the YouGov poll showed:

Overall result:
Labour: 385 seats (+183)
Conservatives: 169 (-196)
Lib Dems: 48 (+37)
SNP: 25 (-23)
Plaid Cymru: 3 (-11)
Green Party: 1 (-)

Selected Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire constituencies:

  • North Dorset (Con, Simon Hoare): Con hold
  • West Dorset (Con, Chris Loder): Lib Dem gain
  • South Dorset (Con, Richard Drax): Con hold
  • Mid Dorset and North Poole (Con, Michael Tomlinson): Lib Dem gain
  • Christchurch (Con, Christopher Chope): Con hold
  • Bournemouth West (Con, Conor Burns): Labour gain
  • Poole (Con, Robert Syms): Con hold
  • South West Wiltshire (Con, Andrew Murrison): Con hold
  • Salisbury (Con, John Glen): Con hold
  • East Wiltshire (new constituency – Con, Danny Kruger MP standing): Con hold
  • Yeovil (Con, Marcus Fysh): Lib Dem gain
  • Glastonbury and Somerton (new constituency): Lib Dem gain
  • Taunton and Wellington (new constituency) – former Taunton Deane (Con, Rebecca Pow): Lib Dem gain
  • Frome & East Somerset (new constituency): Lib Dem gain
  • Wells & Mendip Hills (new constituency) – former Wells (Con, James Heappey): Con hold
  • Bridgwater (new constituency): Con hold
  • Tiverton and Minehead (new constituency): Con hold

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  1. Ronald Lee Reply

    If ever there is a case for proportional representation. Labour likely to win most seats ever with well over 50% voting against them No wonder we get social unrest

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