The world through a microscope at Langton Matravers

TWO groups of microscopists will be meeting at Langton Matravers village hall later this month – more than 150 years after they met for the first time.

In the mid-19th century microscopes were becoming available to the public and two organisations were formed to allow those using them to meet and discuss their observations; the Quekett Microscopical Club and the Postal Microscopical Society.

Members of the clubs still meet to talk about microscopes and their observations.

Event spokesperson, Pam Hamer said: “For many years there has been a meeting in the spring at Langton Matravers, initially started by two local members of these organisations.

“It is now an open meeting, we invite local microscopists to join in, and anyone interested is welcome to come along and see what we do.

“We are keen to encourage young people to use microscopes, and welcome enthusiasts from other groups like beekeepers, geologists and naturalists, who may also use microscopes.”

This year’s meeting is on Saturday, April 20, from 10am to 3pm, with an hour-long break for lunch at noon.

Pam added: “Drop in for a few minutes or stay for an in-depth discussion about a microscope or specimen, we would love to see you.”

For more details, contact Pam at outreach@quekett.og

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