Top marks twice over for nurseries

STAFF and children at Tops Wimborne and Tops Corfe Mullen are celebrating a Good rating from schools watchdog Ofsted following their recent inspection.
Tops Wimborne in Leigh Road offers flexible early education and care for children aged three months to pre-school age.
Its report said: “Children arrive happily and are greeted warmly by the friendly staff. They quickly engage with the activities and resources provided by staff to meet their interests.
“Children play co-operatively, sharing and taking turns. For example, toddlers share forks, spoons, and herbs as they make their own ‘mud soup’. They follow the expectations of the setting and are kind and polite to each other. Older children swiftly line up when asked to do so, and children of all ages help to tidy away toys.”
The inspector said: “The curriculum is well planned and implemented. Staff provide activities tailored to children’s interests and learning styles. This helps ensure children actively engage in their learning and that they make good progress.”
The Corfe Mullen nursery’s report said: “Children feel safe and valued. Staff respectfully talk to children, particularly younger children, at key routine times in their day, such as during nappy changes and when preparing for mid-day sleeping time.
“Staff prepare tables for cooked meals with real cutlery and decorate with vases of flowers, fostering a special time for children to sit, talk and eat together.”
The inspector said: “The setting builds good partnerships with parents. Parents have confidence in the staff and appreciate the support they provide for their children
and the time they take to
explain what their day has been like.”
Sharon White, senior nursery manager at Tops Wimborne, said: “As a team we have worked hard to make many changes and adaptions to support our children’s play and learning and this has clearly paid off and has been noted within our report. I as the manager am so proud of my staff team and everything they have achieved – I couldn’t have asked for a better work family.”
Shaye Jaques, senior nursery manager at Tops Corfe Mullen in Blandford Road, said: “We are super proud of our ‘Good’ outcome, we have worked hard as a team to make many changes and adaptions within the last year to better support our children’s play and learning and this has clearly paid off and has been noted within our report.I am so proud of my team! I look forward to the future and what it will bring.”

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