Weymouth v Yeovil Town game abandoned after fan illness

THE south west derby between Weymouth and Yeovil Town was abandoned this afternoon due to an illness in the stands.

It is understood a visiting Yeovil Town fan suffered a serious illness, with the players leaving the pitch around the 75th minute as they received medical attention.

Yeovil were 1-0 down in the National League South match when the incident unfolded, which included an air ambulance landing on the pitch at the Bob Lucas Stadium, Weymouth.

After the game, manager Mark Cooper said: “We hope the lady is okay, that has to be the main thing.

“The narrative will be that we didn’t want to play – but I don’t see how, and there’s still no resolution as to how long it’s going to be, – I don’t see how you can expect athletes that have prepared for the game to start again after what could be an hour and a half.

“I think the sensible decision was made.”

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