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Basil the Jackapoo

Basil the jackapoo seeks forever home

I am a six-year-old jackapoo, found alone and taken to the pound. When nobody came to collect me, Waggy Tails…

Make sure your puppy is not from an unprincipled seller Image by Kim Hester, Pixabay

How you can avoid being fooled by unscrupulous online puppy dealers

If you are thinking about getting a dog, animal charities would be incredibly grateful if you would consider rehoming…

These little ones are making terrific progress

On road to recovery

STAFF at Margaret Green Animal Rescue have posted an encouraging update after attending an ‘upsetting’ case of animal neglect. The…

A cat rests in the roadPHOTO: philwdngr, Pixabay

Campaigners reveal shocking toll of animal road death

IT IS World Animal Road Accident Awareness Day today, October 10. Cat protection charity CatsMatter says around 630 cats are…

Your pet moggy is likely to lap up antifreeze, so keep it locked away

Keep cats away from the sweet taste of antifreeze

As we head towards the cooler days and evenings, we need to think about preparing our cars for winter…

Why you cat needs regular check ups

Why cats need a regular check-up

Cats are masters of disguise and hiding signs of illness. Regular vet health checks are important to pick up on…