First car speaks volumes about you

It’s official – if your first car was a Ford Focus, then you’re likely to now be among the highest earners in the UK, according to a new study.

Researchers from webuyanycar polled the nation’s drivers and discovered that our first cars could have a bearing on our current lives, with those who drove a Ford Focus most likely to have the biggest paychecks today – at £45,000 a year, compared to a national average of £31,000.
However, if your first motor was a Kia, as the research suggests, you’re likely to earn less than your peers later in life – a salary of £25,000 a year on average.

And that’s not all, as Kia owners are also the most likely to say they’re not at all satisfied in their careers – in fact, half (50 per cent) of former Kia drivers describe themselves as unhappy in their jobs.
However, those who drove Kias remain optimistic overall, with 63 per cent describing themselves as ‘glass half full’ types, and today are often seen as funny (38 per cent) and intelligent (25 per cent).
Meanwhile, the most social Brits are likely to have driven an Audi A1 when they first passed their test, with 56 per cent describing themselves as extroverts, while drivers who first owned a Seat Ibiza are also social butterflies, with 55 per cent admitting they are far more extroverted than introverted.

Richard Evans, head of technical services at webuyanycar, said: “Many young people are excitedly looking ahead to a prosperous future and wondering what it might hold for them, who they will be and what career they will have. Little do they know, they might already have the answers, just because of their first car.”
“Whether you’re at first car stage or dream car stage in life, our interactive quiz could predict where you are now or offer a glimpse of the future in just three simple steps.”
The research of 1,500 British motorists also reveals that those who shy away from social situations are most likely to have first driven a VW Polo.

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